Scare Performers


Push your guests to the limit with our professionally trained horror characters, inspired by your darkest fears and nightmares.

Our improvisational horror characters and scare performers will be right at home at your scare event or Halloween party. Our actors are trained to give your guests the fright of their lives in a safe environment. Our actors can perform on foot or on stilts depending on needs and venue specifications.

Some of our characters include Pattie the demon child, Carlos the killer clown, Lillian the ghost bride and many more. We are also happy to discuss any new characters and ideas with you.

You can get:

  • TRAINED IMPROVISATIONAL PERFORMERS acting as terrifying characters which look as though they have come straight from a horror film. Our actors are trained to deal with a highly emotional environment and clear understand safety aspects of this kind of performing.
  • FULL THEATRICAL COSTUMES AND SFX MAKE-UP to bring the characters to life and to make excellent photo memories for your guests.
  • Characters can be ON FOOT OR ON STILTS depending on your needs and venue requirements.
  • A HUGE CHOICE of characters. We are also more than happy to discuss creating some new characters for your event!
  • Some characters use SFX PROPS including: UV lights, ambient soundscapes and working chainsaws! Most props are completely mobile.
  • COMBINE WITH THE FANCY FREAKS! Our commercial, ‘freaky’ dancers are the perfect compliment for our scare performers. Click here for more information – FANCY FREAKS

Our scare performer packages are available in various formats and lengths, we are happy to adapt this experience to suit your venue and budget. Contact us today!

Scare performers are not recommended for guests under 15 years of age.

For more details call us on 07814 661968 or e-mail: [email protected]


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