Around the World

You don’t have to travel the globe to have the world at your event. Our roaming performers can fit your international theme with their traditional country dress and quirky personalities! Whether it be our cheeky Irish leprechauns or our fabulous French can-can dancers, we can provide whatever you need to create the perfect cosmopolitan atmosphere!


Invite our traditional continentally dressed roaming performers to your event. Whether it be to create a worldly atmosphere or to create a sensational promotional team - we’re got your back!

  • Cheeky Leprechaun (Ireland)
  • Can-can dancer (France)
  • Statue of Liberty (America)
  • Cowboys and Saloon Girl (America)
  • Vikings (Scandinavia)
  • Lederhosen Boy (Germany)
  • Dirndl Girl (Germany)
  • Arabian Princess (Saudi Arabia)
  • British Seaside (United Kingdom) 
  • Alice in Wonderland characters (United Kingdom)
  • Robin Hood characters (United Kingdom)


Our trained professional dancers can add some continental flair to your event with our Fancy dancers.

  • Can-can dancers (France)
  • Belly Dancers (Middle East)
  • Spanish Dancers (Spain)
  • Contact us for other specific dance styles!


Literally invite the world to your event with our beautiful globe themed stilt walking Mother Earth.

  • Mother Earth Stilt Walker
  • Contact us to see if we can turn other country themed characters into stilt walkers!


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