Aquatic Mermaids

Our Aquatic Mermaids are proud to bring magic to events, occasions and even aquariums with our FIN-tastic performances! Our beautiful Mermaids dive deep into the depths of imagination to create an unforgettable experience for all who visit your events. Come join us as we weave tales of wonder and delight, spreading joy and spreading our message of ocean conservation. Dive in with us and let the magic of our FIN-tastic performances transport you to a world where dreams come true!

We can provide:

  • Meet and greet mermaids
  • Storytelling mermaids
  • Mermaid and Hook-a-duck game
  • Mermaid in a bubble
  • Swimming Mermaids (suitable for Aquariums and Swimming Pools)
  • Mermaid in a bath tub
  • Travelling Mermaid Aquarium

Mix and match our mermaids with our pirates for the ultimate under the sea event!

Speak to us about our mermaid act requirements!


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