'You Shall Go To The Ball!'

It’s time for Cinderella’s royal wedding ball and her clumsy, ugly sisters Moody and Rudy are desperate to find a gorgeous prince to marry. There’s only one problem, they have no idea how to behave like graceful princesses! Help Cinderella teach the ugly sisters how to behave like royalty in time for the ball in our hilarious, interactive performances. The ultimate, princess masterclass where the audience can join in with singing, activities and all-around silliness!

You Shall Go To The Ball is available as:

  • Short 20 minute performance with 3 characters
  • Longer 40 minute performance with 4 characters
  • Pantomime version of the performance for the festive period!

Our performances of You Shall Go To The Ball are perfect indoor and outdoor. We can also alter our show to have more pantomime references for the festive season! 

Our Cinderella theme is also available as roaming interactive characters and as storytelling sessions.


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