Family Performances

Curtains up! It's time for the performance to begin! Fancy Entertainment really knows how to put on a show. With themes such as Alice In Wonderland, Cinderella, Pirates, Cavemen, Witches & Wizards, we've most definitely got something for every occasion. A lot of our shows can be done as part of a season, Alice In Wonderland is always a popular theme around Easter time! We also have our beautifully traditional Mary Christmas' Storytime Show for the Christmas season, which can be done with or without our festive and cosy cottage set. The great thing about our shows is that they can be done anywhere! Outside, on a stage, in a barn - they are very easily adaptable to fit your venue. Most of our family shows range from 20 - 30 mins long and they're all interactive, which means the children (and we can't forget the adults too) get to participate and help the characters within the story. We pride ourselves in making our shows a memorable experience for the whole audience!

Alice in Wonderland

Learn to be a Pirate!


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