Scare Actors

Add some pure horror to Halloween season with Fancy Entertainment’s award nominated team of scare performers. We supply a huge range of characters from creepy clowns, demonic children, possessed toys, ghostly haunts and even chainsaw wielding maniacs! Our scare team are ideal for street theatre, scare balls, Halloween parties and we can also provide staff for scare attractions. Our scare performers are fully trained to deal with high intensity environments without compromising the horror factor! Our scare performers are not for the faint hearted and are recommended for audiences of 16+.


Unleash the horror with our sensational range of roaming monsters, ghouls and all things terrifying! Perfect for street theatre and for creating a spine-tingling atmosphere! Our roaming scare actors have been nominated in the Best Street Theatre category of ScareCON’s Scare Awards 2021 alongside the top scare park entertainment in the country.

Contact us to create a scare experience from scratch or take inspiration from some of our themes below:

  • Twisted Childhood - Creepy toys and ruined childhood memories
  • ‘Joe Erotic’ and his Creepy Zoo - inspired by the Netflix hit ‘Tiger King’
  • Deranged Clowns - Hilarious but horrific circus of offensive clowns (18+)
  • Chainsaw Maniacs - Chainsaw wielding murderers
  • Halloween Horror collection - Demonic children, Ghost Brides, Blood-soaked Victims and more classic horror!
  • Ghostly Sightings - Haunting spirits and eerie apparitions, some that even glow in the dark!
  • Custom Scares - Contact us for bespoke creations!


Need a truck-load of actors for your scare attraction? Fancy Entertainment can provide a whole host of horror performers of various skills to fill your horror venture to the brim with scares and screams! All of our performers are trained to deal with the high intensity environment of scare attractions and can be created to fit your scare park themes. Jump scarers, horror storytellers and special skilled performers are available for the ultimate scare experience!

Contact us to discuss scare attraction options.


We’re even scary in the sky with our range of horror and halloween stilt walkers! Perfect for photo opportunities and to entice your victims!

  • 1 Stilt Walker (2, 3 or 4 sets of 30 minutes)
  • 2 Stilt Walkers (2, 3 or 4 sets of 30 minutes)


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