Medieval Entertainment

O ye! O ye! O ye! Lords, ladies, knaves and wenches; Fancy Entertainment invites you into a dark and dreary world of squalor with their medieval themed entertainment. With everything from roaming jesters to the best medieval banquets in the kingdom, we have what you need to make your event as rotten and grim as the middle ages themselves!


You may be dying of the plague, but at least you’ll go laughing with our hilarious team of roaming actors! Invite them to your event to set the scene and create hysterical memories with your guests.

Make up your character packages from our historical characters:

  • King Everard, The Sheriff, Lady Chastity, Clunk the Jester, Maude the Wench or
  • Robin Hood, Maid Marian, Sheriff of Nottingham
  • Guy Fawkes and Jacobean Citizens


Behold! Fancy Entertainment’s medieval banquets are the best comedy entertainment in the entire kingdom! The Mean Sheriff is searching for a suitor for his daughter, the good Lady Chastity and will choose a husband tonight! Become part of our medieval tournament to win the key to her heart (and her chastity!) Will the Sheriff’s evening go to plan, or will things take an unexpected turn with Maude the wench and Clunk the jester? After all, “Clunk is there the get YOU drunk!” Bursting at the seams with cheeky innuendos, drinking games, and pure comedy; our medieval banquets are perfect for hospitality entertainment and corporate events.

  • Silver Package - 4 medieval actors
  • Gold Package - 6 medieval actors


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